Sweet Agnes

March 29, 2018
Great article on our own Sweet Agnes, by Women in Wine NZ

Agnes Seifried from Sefried Estate in Nelson is another of our great pioneers of the New Zealand wine industry. Enjoy reading her story below and how hard work and passion have led to such well earned success.

It was in 1971, when Agnes, a newly graduated high school teacher met and married Hermann Seifried, an Austrian winemaker who had been brought to New Zealand to make fruit wine with the NZ Apple and Pear Board.
Agnes was teaching high home economics at Nayland College in Nelson when the young couple purchased bare land in the Moutere Valley and began the long process of hand grafting their first vines, with the dream of one day making Nelson wines.

From small beginnings, when the young couple worked around the clock to develop their first vineyard in a region unknown for viticulture, while juggling three young children, until today, where the family’s wines can be found around the world, it’s been a long road.

Agnes and Hermann’s hands-on approach in all areas of their business and absolute belief that leading by example creates a hardworking and committed team ensures consistency from the vineyard to bottle. From grafting, growing, harvesting, making, bottling, warehousing and selling, the Seifried story continues on over 45 years since it all began.

Today Agnes remains very hands-on in the daily operations of the company’s administration and sales operations. All three of her grown up children are now working alongside her and Hermann in all aspects of the business.

In September 2014, Agnes and Hermann were acknowledged for their tremendous contribution to New Zealand wine industry and inducted as Fellows of New Zealand Winegrowers. They made history as the first husband and wife team to be recognised and it was also the first time a woman had been honoured.

Agnes enjoys spending time with her six young grandchildren, on the golf course, skiing or enjoying her garden when time allows.

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Anna Seifried
Anna Seifried